To withdraw funds, you'll need to ensure that your banking information is entered by clicking "Bank Info". Here you'll enter your PayPal email address. After you've ensured that your PayPal email address is correct, click "Wallet" and here you'll be able to withdraw your funds. Please note that it can take up to 5 business days after the item is delivered to see your funds in your PayPal account.
    If you have more questions that our FAQ doesn't answer, click "Contact Us" to contact our support team.
    There are no fees to use our app, although there is a processing fee that is added to the total at checkout. There are no selling fees on our marketplace.
    We offer shipping at checkout which is paid for by the buyer. Shipping labels are downloadable by the seller once an item is sold. For your safety, absolutely NO MEETUPS for transactions.
    Returns are at Flips & Deals discretion. Message us through the "Contact Us" button if a problem has occurred with your order and you would like to return. Return requests must be received within 48 hours of delivery. Requests made after the 48 hours will be denied.
    Sign in to your account Click “Flip/Sell” Enter items information and post After you’ve made a sale, download the shipping label provided Ship to buyer Funds will be released after delivery to your PayPal account.